Travels with Zoe

Larry and I have not traveled much this year.  So, right now my mother and I are on a road trip across the United States.  By the time Mom gets back home, she will have traveled 6, 684 miles!!!

Larry and I traveled to Virginia for a family reunion on the Mooney side.  I left Larry to commune with relatives and drove on to Williamsburg, where I spent a week with sister Liz and her husband Carl.  Larry came up to join us during this time.

Mom, Larry and I left Williamsburg, Virginia on August 1.  No site-seeing at this time, as we were driving home to Kansas.  We spent the night in Louisville, KY and arrived in Paola, KS on Aug. 2.

We stretched and rested on Saturday, the 3.  Sunday, August 4,  about noon, Mom and I took off for the Wichita, KS area (Haysville, to be exact) and are now spending time with sister Shari.

Shari has four children–Annie is working for the KU Medical Center branch in Wichita and has her own little house.  (no photo)

Patricia is starting her first year as an elementary school teacher and has moved into an apartment.  Corner apartment Patricia's apartment

Johnny is a sophomore at Ft. Scott Community College and plays on the football team. Practice has started and he is not home.

Betsy is a senior at Haysville High and is working during the day this summer.

Shari’s husband John is the superintendent of schools and is on duty, of course.

Shari is getting ready to start back for another year of teaching in the district, but has time to spend with Mom and me.

Shari’s home is lovely.  burke living room shari, zoe 2013 burke entry burke dining room burke guest room burke kitchen burke sunroom burke living room 2


Feb. 7

Today Larry slept in.  We did not leave the trailer until 11 AM.  Disney Village, to quote Wikipedia, is also called “Downtown Disney – an outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment complex located at the Walt Disney World Resortin Lake Buena VistaFlorida. Downtown Disney is open to the public, requires no admission fee, and offers complimentary parking and transportation to all Disney-operated Walt Disney World resorts. The large outdoor complex is divided into three areas: the Marketplace, Pleasure Island and the West Side. Each area features a selection of entertainment venues, shops, and restaurants with unique themes. Notable tenants include Cirque du Soleil‘s La Nouba,Disney Quest, the House of BluesPlanet Hollywood, the Lego Imagination Center, World of DisneyAMC Pleasure Island 24, and Rainforest Cafe.”

More opportunities to “green-up” the area through the purchasing of Disney and Florida memorabilia.

Legos had a wonderful store–Monstrous amounts of pieces to create sculptures!


Larry is such a good grandpa–he found several items to get his grandson!

Oh, by the way, we are accepting donations to our travel fund… 🙂

Feb. 6

Arrived at Epcot, Disney World, at 10:30am.  

We left at 8 pm.    

Coming in February is a lot different than June–lines were very short, or even non-existant at times.  The administrators of this park have traffic flow down to an art.  The animatronics in this park are outstanding!  We traveled from “pre-dinosaur” times to Mars and back and were amused that every ride ended with a stop in the gift shop!  It is so much more commercialized than 20 years ago.

One of our objectives was to visit the botanical garden, but it closed before we got there.

A couple of fun rides were one sponsored by GM, letting us “drive” a car through the test labs–heat/cold, rapid braking with/without ABS systems, suspension testing over different road conditions and of course, sharp cornering, and another one where were were “hang-gliding” over the California coast.  The ride lifted us off the ground and through the use of an I-max type screen and fan-generated wind, made us feel as if we were turning, dipping, and soaring over land and water.  Both of these rides were fun!  Larry loved explaining to me how rides were accomplished through pneumatics.

This was a very full day. My feet were tired and Larry and I were glad to reach home at the end of the day!

Feb. 5

Off to Kissimmee–Ponderosa RV Park  located right next to a very busy road.  More room to park in this one.  There are a lot of permanent dwellings here.  It looks like many have relocated to this area, and I notice more American cars, than Canadian!

We did not have a cable hookup and could not reach NBC via the trailer antennae.  Larry went to the Clubhouse to watch the BIG game–(Superbowl).  I vacuumed and made muffins while he was gone.

Earplugs came out–helped to drown out the road noise.  This is another park that will not be on our list, should we come back to this area again!

Feb. 3

Have now caught up with the posts from the last two weeks.  Larry and David Lambert are running around doing errands.  I am happily catching up on my P.E.O. work and other issues while they are doing whatever they need to do.  We leave here on Feb. 5 and head to Kissimmee.

Feb. 2

Leaving Fort Lauderdale and on to Cocoa, Florida.  Cocoa Beach is not too far away.  Larry’s good friend from his Navy days lives in a beautiful country spot, and we are parking in his drive for a few days.  Guess what–David has WiFi Internet and I am using it!  Hurray!

David and his wife Elfie have close to 3 acres.  Her daughter and granddaughters ride horses, and there are 3 in the “backyard” right now.  Elfie takes care of them, along with a variety of dogs and cats.  Their home is lovely and has room to accomodate the many family members who come by often.