On the road again

Took a trip to Williamsburg, VA to visit family and help celebrate bro-in-law’s retirement. From there, Larry and I headed south to the Florida Keys. Our first stop was in Key Largo.


African Queen  We took a canal ride on the African Queen, the actual boat Bogey and Hepburn used when filming the movie!  It has been restored and parts replaced in the years since being used, but it was still a working piece of history.  The ride was less exciting than the nostalgia, and was a little pricier than I thought was warranted for the trip, but at least we did our part to help keep this boat afloat.

key-largo-princess-glass         glass bottom view                 Later that day we took a ride to the Molasses Reef  on the Key Largo Princess II, Glass Bottom Boat.  This trip was a 45 minute ride out to the reef.  We had been warned that the weather and Florida Strait was a little rough, but…no problem!  As the boat got closer to the reef, the waves did pick up to be around 4-6 foot breakers.  This made it difficult for the captain to keep the boat steady over the reef for the viewers to be able to enjoy the different fish to be found there.  As we got closer, the deck hands gave the location of white bags that might need to be used, and directions to the back deck for fresh air.  Many took advantage of those bags to relieve the discomfort incurred by the rougher waters!  Larry and I were surprised at the lack of color in the coral reef.  We did learn that the blue parrot fish help clean the algae from the coral and help to produce sand by eliminating the undigested coral bits as white sand.  Always good to learn some new bit of trivia!

In case anyone wants to stay a t a good location for these two activities, the Holiday Inn is right next to the canal.




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