Key West

You know Larry and Jeanette love to travel…after all…it is the name of this blog! One of our goals was to visit the Keys.  We had thought about doing it with the travel trailer, but detoured to Texas for a few years.  We also learned that winter in the Keys is bumper-to-bumper traffic, and that is not a pleasant thought towing a large trailer!

So, since we were on the east coast anyway, the trip south was too close to pass up!  Key West is a busy place.  There is a lot of real estate in a very small environment.  Streets have parking on both sides and two way traffic, when there should only be parking on one side and with that…one way driving!   Bikes rule the road.  No need for road rage.  It is the way of life down in Margarita-ville.

Tickets to the Truman White House and the Hemingway home were purchased online, allowing a small discount, as well as a ticket for the Old Town Trolley.

Our first stop was to tour the Truman house.

Our guide Rebecca was delightful.  It was obvious that she loved her job, loved sharing her knowledge of Truman, and enjoyed having visitors to this site.  We did encourage her to come to Independence, MO so that she could have a complete picture of “Harry”.

After this, we had lunch and the Red Fish Blue Fish restaurant.  Larry had fish and chips and I had Key Lime Pie.  Both were well worth trying again!!!



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