Day trip to Bentonville, Arkansas

So many of my friends have told me about their visits to Crystal Bridges in Bentonville, Arkansas.  IMG_2317

Today, Larry and I took a day trip to visit.  This museum of American Art is a wonder to behold.  The artwork is well worth seeing, and talking with the docents who are stationed in the various rooms is fun to do.  They have some background knowledge on pieces that is not posted on the walls!

One example is a Marble sculpture on loan from Tulane University –-Atala and Chactas, created in Rome by Randolph Rogers in 1854.   The story given to me was that the American sculptor studied in Italy, where he created this piece.  It was transported to America, (no easy feat, as the piece weighs a literal ton!)  and was donated to Tulane and on exhibition, outdoors, for almost a century.  Brought indoors, the only place to house it was in storage in a basement.  When hurricane Katrina struck, the piece was under water.  Insurance helped in the cost of restoration and it is now on loan to Crystal Bridges.  As much as I enjoyed the collection of art, I was more intrigued with the architecture of the museum itself.  It is nestled in a ravine, with a creek flowing under it.  This building is really a part of the natural landscape–at least as much as a concrete building can be!IMG_2319 IMG_2320 IMG_2321 IMG_2322 IMG_2323  If you are ever in the area of Eureka Springs, make sure to take a side trip to Bentonville and explore the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art.  Free admission, too…Walmart is underwriting the entrance fee for visitors.  This is truly a treasure!


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