Foggy on the gulf

These are photos from a week ago.  The beach  on Mustang Island was pretty deserted.  The water is out there, but it is hard to see through the fog!IMG_9323 IMG_9324


A day at the beach

DSCF9090.d DSCF9120.l IMG_9328.dMarch 2 was Kite Day at the National Seashore on Padre Island. What a sight it was! The wind was brisk, but enjoyable as we saw kites of various sizes and shapes soaring in the wind.   It was a fun day to get out.  Good thing, too, because the temperature fell rapidly later in the day.  I will give the weather forecaster credit.  He said a front would be in Aransas Pass by 7 pm.  At 6:45 the wind shifted and and the thermometer went down quickly.  We had 80’s in the afternoon and by 10 pm we were in the 40’s!  Fortunately, this location is just below the freeze line.  Morning temperature was only 34.

Don’t believe we will go to the beach today!