Almost home

After spending two days in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Larry and I will be home Tuesday, Sept. 2.

We stayed with another relative of Larry’s and were shown a great time.  Santa Fe has so much to do and see.  The Farmer’s Market on Saturday is a bustling place, filled with sights, sounds and aromas not found in our little Kansas town.  Roasting chilies in the morning is an experience and really smells great!  Labor Day weekend brings an arts and craft fair to the Plaza.  In addition to the regular native craftsman who sell their wares in front of the stores, many tents were erected with vendors from around the United States displaying beautiful and some unusual artwork.

The sky is absolutely gorgeous! new mexico

We tried to visit the Loretto Chapel, the home of the Miraculous Stairway (,

The Loretto Chapel spiral staircase

but were unable to enter because of a wedding taking place.  6 bridesmaids in beautiful turquoise dresses led an elegant bride and her father into the chapel.  Mariachi instrumentalists waited outside until after the service.  Tradition has the wedding party and all their guests following the Mariachis around the Plaza square so that all in town may celebrate with the happy couple.  We did visit the cathedral next door, though.  

Saint Francis Cathedral‎  The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi is beautiful.  All  the interior woodwork was created by members of the congregation.  A local woman painted 15 stations of the cross around the room, which is not traditional, as most stations have only 14.(The 15th is the Resurrection. )

We also visited Museum Hill.  It is great that several museums are located in one area.  A cafe is there, too, so if you have the time and energy to visit more than one, you can take a break for a bite!  Our visit was to the Museum of International Folk Art.   Featured exhibits were of  Japanese Kites and Amish Quilts.  The permanent exhibit has folk art from many countries.  Much to see and absorb here!

Saying good bye to New Mexico.  rearview

Staying the night in little Elkhart, KS.  Home tomorrow!  This has been a fun, family and friend oriented trip.  But it is time to get off the road for a few days before starting another adventure!